Kate’s Story

Kate’s Story

My world was closing down – now it’s opened up again”

I’ve suffered from osteoarthritis in my thumb joints for 14 years and it became so bad that five years ago I couldn’t turn a key in the lock, chop vegetables or take the lid off a jar. I had to stop sewing, and when the pain came it was like an electric shock. It really affected my physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. You think you’re falling apart and it feels like the world is closing down. But when I went to my GP, he said there was nothing he could do. After an X-ray he diagnosed “moderate cartilage damage” and could only suggest I take paracetamol and keep my thumbs moving. I knew that I couldn’t just sit by and watch the degradation spread to my neck, my knees, my ankles and my spine, so I started looking for alternative treatments.

I’ve used a number of therapies, from cleansing to hand yoga, massage and meditation. Although my mobility improved and my joints are now much less inflamed, I couldn’t find anything natural/organic (either/or!) to relieve the remaining pain in my thumbs. Then my herbalist suggested CBD oil. I began with two or three drops a day and have built it up so that I now take four drops of Natrina twice a day, after breakfast and in the evening. My favourite method is actually to make a chocolate truffle, break it open, put the drops on and chew it for 30 seconds so the oil is absorbed in my mouth. The difference it’s made is remarkable.

The pain is gone, I’m sleeping more deeply, I’ve got new confidence, I can move my joints more easily and I have felt no side effects.”

I’ve been a yoga teacher for 30 years (as well as an artist and embroiderer) and Natrina has given me a new lease of life. My world has opened up again! It makes a huge difference to my day: I used to dread waking up to another day of pain but now I’m waking with a lot more cheerfulness. It’s a great relief and I’m so grateful to have found pain relief that doesn’t have any damaging side effects. It’s also a joy to have found a company that wants to do things ethically. I’ve already recommended Natrina to three different people.

Kate, 78, Leeds.

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